Monday, February 13, 2006

Have You Seen This Alien?

Have You Seen This Alien? Posted by Picasa

I was sitting on my couch one Saturday afternoon, watching cooking shows on PBS and working on a cross stitch project. I looked up at my VCR and froze. I saw two round black eyes staring at me. It looked so strange, like an alien depicted in those unsolved mysteries shows.

I couldn't see where the reflection was coming from, maybe behind me? I slowly turned around to look. No, there were no aliens behind me. I sat for a few more minutes, then got up the courage to get off the couch and move in for a closer look.

The two black round eyes were the volume control buttons on my VCR. What was making the reflection for the rest of the creature, I could not tell. It is gone now, except for in this drawing diary, and now on this blog. I will never forget you alien reflection! In my memory and in my (he)art you shall live on forever!

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  1. kind of looks like a azgard on stargate had too much to eat.