Friday, February 10, 2006

A New Year, A New Computer

Whew! I made it through another January! It was so close, but I think I'm out the other end now.

Last weekend, I went to look at cd/dvd burners and realized that the way to go is to get one in a new computer. And since I was getting a new computer, why not replace the old bubble jet with a new printer/scanner/copier? So now I can add some of the things that really speak to my relationship with all that is.

My art is rough, but getting better. I hid it away my whole life to protect it from my mother. Now that she is no longer a threat, I can develop that which really makes me me!

This is my first painting! It is oil on canvas and a practice of grapes. I am currently working on a still life of grapes for my friend because she liked these so much. The leaves don't really look much like grape leaves, but I really learned a lot about painting with oil during this process.

Not bad for my first, is it?

I've been reading some blogs written by people who have autism. It is a real eye opener. Maybe sometime I'll put some of those links on this site and discuss my views on all of it, but not now.


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