Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It Was a Dark and Dreary Night

And this is a dark and dreary post.

I made it to my Sexual Abuse of People class. I skipped my Careers class. No it’s not the beginning of the end! I have a very high A in my careers class and thought my time would be better spent studying for my Intro to Stats test coming up on Thursday. Some how, and I can’t figure out how it happened, my A turned into a B+. This is after turning in EVERY homework assignment and getting 100% on all of them. It is so frustrating. I work my butt off in that class. Grrrrrrr.

Anyway, last Monday we watched a video interview of Ted Bundy, I drove home in a state of terror. He seemed like just an ordinary guy, and a complete compilation of the guys I typically date/marry. I definitely intend to pay close attention to the next chapter in social psychology. It’s about intimate relationships. I might be better of just staying single

I went to see Zodiac with my neighbor this weekend. Right in line with this class, don’t you think? It was really long. It wasn’t really gory or anything, but it was freaky. It’s amazing so many of us careless girls make it through life. It must be easy pickins for the antisocial sexual deviants of the world.

I actually had a run in of my own with a serial rapist who did turn killer. He broke into my house and raped me when I was 19. He then cornered a 16 year old in the canyon that winds through town, raped her, and beat her. She lived, but she had serious problems after that. She suffered a serious brain injury. I think she was even in a coma for a while. He eventually moved to Alaska where he raped his little cousins in front of their mother, raped their mother, then killed them all, children first for the mother to see. I can’t imagine the horror of dying that way.

Oh, I also watched The Black Daliah this weekend. So I’m really into it. Is it possible that all of that horror had something to do with my foul mood today? No, I’ll bet it was The Break Up that did me in. Don’t bother with that movie, trust me. PS I did study my math while watching tv.

Tonight’s class was about the hillside strangler. He tried to convince (successfully in some cases) psychiatrists that he suffered from DID. He was found out in the end. I guess the one thing he had in common with Theodore Bundy was his ability to con. I don’t really fall pray to con artists. I can typically see through their acts in short order. They typically steer clear of me because I am not that gullible.

So what are the commonalities of the guys I like? I’m still working on that. The guy who raped me wasn’t a part of my life. He wasn’t invited, he broke in while I slept. He had been following me, stalking me, they think, but he wasn’t someone I had been seeing. He was a socially rejected individual. I didn’t like him in school any more than anyone else did.

I told you it was dark and dreary!

So how was your day?


  1. First off, I wouldn't read too much correlation into your choice of men, a more or less random stalker, and an interest in serial killers. I doubt they're related at all.

    Second, I "get" the fascination with serial killers and other varieties of sociopath. Their thought patterns are so different, so alien to how "normal" people think that I just can't help but try to unravel what they must be thinking to do the things they do. My personal interest started in high school with Dostoyevsky and "Crime and Punishment". That led to an extra credit assignment about the infamous Leopold and Loeb case, which took place on the South Side of Chicago. My grandmother knew the mother of the victim, which added a certain something extra to the whole thing. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Thirdly, if you like Thomas Harris' series about Hannibal Lecter, don't go see Hannibal Rising. It was a fantastically dissapointing film. Very poorly done. Haven't read the book yet, but it can't be as bad as the movie was.

    Now, get back to studying!

  2. I saw the third hannibal lecter movie. It grossed me out so bad I never had the desire to see another.

    I used to think my mother was a psychopath. Now I know she has borderline personality disorder. But it's close. Children with conduct disorder typically get the distinction of the antisocial personality disorder. It is quite fascinating how a person can do all sorts of horrendous things to others and be ok with it. In fact, the more they get away with it, the more they crave it. I'm sure it can almost always be traced back to some sort of child abuse, but that certainly doesn't excuse it.

    The ones who are really scary are the ones who are highly intelligent.

    It all is quite disturbing, and I think I will enjoy resting my adrenal glands over spring break. I have earned this one. Just two more classes (one being the wicked test), and I'm off. No serial killers for a week! God willing.

  3. What I should have said is: Children with conduct disorder typically get the distinction of the antisocial personality disorder when they are adults.
    Children who have conduct disorder usually end up being diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder after age 18. As a matter of fact, the individual typically has to be at least 18 to receive a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder.