Friday, May 04, 2007

A+ update.

I miss my blog! I was busy writing term papers, and thought I could breath, but then finals managed to get in the way.

The good news is, the term paper I was worrying about - I got an A+, see!?! And not just an A+, I got a thank you with it! I have to say, the thank you means more than the grade! I am excited. I still have to put together a presentation for the class, but I should be able to do this in my sleep. I might have to ; ) I am currently reading three more studies to add to the presentation. This stuff is so interesting!

I am intermittently writing a series of blogs that discuss what I have learned this semester. Some of what I learned encompasses what causes some of us to develop addictions, while others develop anti-social disorders. I also learned why I quit my job! I'll finally get to write that letter of resignation after all!

Life is getting better, but I'm not home free yet.

I have to study hard this weekend, and week, for two of my finals. I currently have an A- in my intro to stats class. What that means is: if I get an A on the final, I get an A in the class. If I get a B on the final, I get a b in the class (b's are our friends, but they can still sting!). It is that close! My homework is what made the difference. I had 104% on my homework score!

I also have a final in that sexual abuse of humans class. It's the same deal. I get an A on the final, I get an A in the class. I am definitely spending all of Sunday and Monday memorizing every damned letter of the 14 pages of notes I took. I'll get that A yet, don't you worry about that!

Megan bought a bike this week so we can go bike riding together! It is just like mine! It's so cool. We can go mtn biking too! We'll have to brave the streets near soccer fields, though. People who take their kids to soccer games prefer parking in bike lanes to parking the adjacent parking lots! ;) Oh yeah.

Better go, this is starting to feel a lot like procrastination.


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