Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Frustrated!

The police department has chosen not to press charges against TD and his crack whore mother. "The boys were all over the age of 18" after all. What part of "they took advantage of his autism" do they not get? Zach is actually suffering PTSD because of what happened.

Apparently, Zach did willingly take a drink of Vodka, but he didn't know they had spiked his grapefruit juice with it. The last thing he remembers, before waking up with tubes in his arms, is sitting around the kitchen table at TDs talking.

Why did they have his wallet and cell phone? No answers from them. As a matter of fact TD refuses to talk to me. When I went over to get Zach's stuff, he played passed out on the couch. His mother offered to let me wake him up. Can you believe that? I restrained myself, I would have just beaten the little MF do death if I hadn't. A Couple of days ago I again went over to get his stuff. JV and JB were both there, and JV was whistling at TD to answer the door. Of course, TD wouldn't come to the door because he is a spineless son of a crack whore! JB gave me his wallet, but first he had to put his debit card back in it. They didn't get his PIN from him, because he only knows it by finger movements, therefore, they got no money from the kid they almost killed.

I bought Zach a new cell phone, and he likes it better than the one he lost at the S.O.C.H.'s house. He is definitely staying away from the TD gang, and so far, they have stayed away from Zach. That's good, too, because they don't want to make things worse now.
Big talk from such a frustrated powerless old woman, isn't it? They say there is no fury like a woman scorned. There are a lot of things I would like to do in retaliation, but alas, so far I'm all talk. That's the shadow in me the Jung talked of.

Zach is going to start going to church with Megan so he can make some new friends, and that's good. Lots of funky things get said about mormons, but all the ones I have known are good people. I trust my kids to be safe there.

But those boys really better keep there distance. I will do whatever it takes to keep my children safe.

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  1. Do you have someone who knows the legal system that you can talk to about suing these people for what they did to your son? Have you been able to get the restraining order? If this jerk is a potential nuisance, then having something official on his record will make it easier for his next victim to hammer his @$$.