Friday, July 13, 2007

Scrutator: Friday the 13th

As I acclimate to rest, I find this aborning break from my didactic analysis to be highly desideratum. Pecuniary necessities hamper my desire to travel at present, and thoughts of greener pastures waft through my mind betimes.

Do you suffer triskaidekaphobia? My blog does. My Hackosphere Peekabo Hack is having some real problems. Ramani, the hacker, has started changing things around and everything is starting blow up. He thought he was having headaches before! Poor thing. Fortunately,
tomorrow's just a day away.
Hopefully, there will be a good fix for this soon. In the meantime, if you want to read the rest of the posts that say "ramble on", you'll have to click on the title of the post, and you will be taken to the full post page.

I am feeling a little better. Problems with Zach persist as more details of his victimization become known, but even at that, I see an improvement in his outlook. The case will be turned over to the prosecutor next week. At that time, mommy bear will become highly vocal and gnat-like. I will be that pesky little pest who ensures that the prosecutor makes these boys pay for what they did to Zach. I will be contacting agencies that advocate for people who have disabilities. I know how to be a nasty little thorn. And if none of that works, I know where the little assholes live.

Like some wise anonymous person said:
If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure.
I won't be failing this time.

That's enough frustration. Let's get to the meat of the week. These are some of the fun things I found on the Internet this week to share with you.

The dead extinct will walk again! How scary is that? Well, it is the plan. They are finding all of these frozen mammoths in Siberia, and they want to clone the DNA to bring woolly mammoths back from extinction. They are all excited about this baby because it is so well preserved. Then they can clone neandertals to hunt them!

YOU GO GIRLS! The classmates of a 13 year old stopped her father from forcing her to marry her 23 year old neighbor! That's awesome.

I guess christians don't like having someone else's religion shoved down their throats any more than I like having their religion shoved down mine. The christian press release doesn't make much sense to me, but then, what do I know about such things? After all, I always though that freedom of religion is what this country was founded on, not freedom to worship only christ. I would prefer to see a world free from religion. But I am realistic enough to know that humans would still find something to fight and exclude over.

PZ Myers at Pharyngulahas made a most frightening comparison. It could be worse.

Oh, wait, it is worse!

As funny as this is, it is terrifying for me. After all, I live in Dairy Country! Stinky cow farts, enormous numbers of flies and endangered water quality can't possibly all be cured with garlic. But if it makes someone feel better...

And so ends another week. And what a week! The anxiety is melting away, and soon, I'll have the house clean so I can start painting.

Last week I got my 1000th visitor (since February), and this coming week (maybe even this weekend) I will be celebrating my 200th post! I'm hoping the next 100 posts will be more light hearted and spiritual, but even the wisest cannot tell the future!

But that won't stop me from trying!


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