Friday, July 06, 2007

Scrutator: Perception

The sered phantasmagoria of my psyche continues to carom from one heterodoxical philosophy to even more fractious notions. Such ratiocinations leave me with the desire to engage in convivial pursuits. I’ve earned the coming respite and plan to recreate and relax for the coming forty-five days. Alas, I pray this will be the last tortured post I must suffer for a spell. I need this time to put things back into perspective. My perceptions of late have been marred by my discord

Perception is a funny thing. We sense the world around us and our brain interprets for us what they mean. Then we try to explain and impose those perceptions on those around us with words that strain to define what we’ve perceived. Or has Henry Adams said:

No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.

But that won’t stop me from trying.

Perception. Our brain is designed to fill in the gaps. (it is best to use earphones to get the full impact of this video)

This isn't just true for hearing, but believing as well.

Here in Idaho, our wonderful citizenry passed a bill banning gay marriage. Something about how it damages the sanctity of the family or some such muck. I wonder. If marriage isn't a civil union, a legal contract between two people to take care of each other in legal matters, then what is it? If we allow christian fundamentalists to define marriage for us, then who will be allowed to marry? Atheists must be next in line. Then all non christians. When they've eliminated everyone else, who will they turn on? Each other!

I can't begin to guess what really goes on in the bush/cheney mind. My perception of what has transpired over the past "not close enough to eight years to make me feel comfortable" is not unlike those of Keith Olbermann.

Have you ever seen someone doing something weird. How did your perceptions of that behavior affect they way you felt about that person? My son engages in a great deal of self stimulatory behaviors, and some of them are more than just weird. I'm used to them. I know why he does it. The looks he gets inn public are really something. I wish that every time I saw one of those looks I could tell them this. There isn't as much wrong with the person engaging in the stim as in the person passing judgment because they perceive it to be objectionable.

A long time ago, I tried to keep a diary in my computer. I cannot access it now. For one thing, I no longer have a floppy disk drive, for another, I no longer have a program that can open them. All I get is a bunch of code - lost perceptions. It's time the software companies step up to the plate. I hate the idea that the only way to save my creative writings is to print them out and store them away, or post them on the internet in the form of a blog. Maybe they will do better in the future.

Some people might perceive a space this small to be unlivable. I, however, perceive things a little differently. My house isn't a big house by any means. It was built in the depression. And this guy has some ideas as to how I can make my house work better for me. Especially if Megan moves back in, and I end up sharing a room with her.

And so ends another week full of biased perceptions. It's hot and dry here, and not just in my psyche. Some things that grow love the attention they get from the sun while others nap 'till it's done.

I haven't decided what I will do yet.


  1. Hi, I am the father of a low functioning austistic teen. I am starting to believe in synchronicity because my ship was in Portland a few weeks ago and I read an article about your house. weird seeing it on this blog. edz

  2. I'm sorry, this isn't a picture of MY house. My house isn't much bigger, though, and it isn't in Portland (but I wouldn't mind if it were!). I guess I'd better be more clear about what I write. I guess I just assumed I was making more sense than I actually was.

    I looked for your blog, but it wasn't there. I'll check back again-maybe we can swap autistic teen stories:)

  3. Hi, its still weird seeing that house again, what are the odds.