Monday, August 27, 2007

Guilty plea, no bail reduction. Win - Win

Why would someone plead guilty to a felony and think that the judge would reduce his bond? I don't know, but that is what Terry Devereaux decided to do. Fortunately, the judge didn't see the point. He said that he hadn't made his mind up about what kind of sentence he would give to Terry, but his juvenile record and acts committed since his release were disturbing enough to deny reducing his bond.

So we won! Sentencing will be October 22. Terry's mother, Judy, was there and spent the entire time giving Zach and I threatening looks. She even called me a bitch on her way out of the courthouse. She should be worried. I intend to see her pay for her part in this.

I spent a lot of time studying serial killers this past spring. People need to believe that free will prevents accurate predictions of a person's future behavior. I don't know that I agree. I fully predict that this will not be the end of Terry Devereaux's criminal career. He will most likely spend some time in prison, but he will get out, and he will still be in his early twenties when he does. He will find a new girlfriend whom he can fool for a while, but when she breaks up with him, he will begin his serial killings, or rapings. I predict this. It is better than carved in stone, because once it is posted to the internet, it becomes immortal.

I'm not psychic, but some things are foreseeable. I will happily eat these words if he hasn't committed heinous crimes within the next 20 years.

Of course, there is a chance of intervening variables that could change the course of Terry's future. While I have no doubt that I can say no words that might possibly get through to that psychopath, I do intend to have a great speech ready for his sentencing. Who knows? Maybe he will listen.

One down, two to go.


  1. This is excellent news!! When do the other two come into the spotlight?

    Have you started classes yet? It seems you've been busy enough without them... But classes can provide a nice anchor especially when very out-of-the-ordinary events are taking your time.

  2. I just found out today that Jake Vasquez will change his plea to guilty too. The sentencings will come later. I don't know how much later. Justice emulates molasses!