Friday, September 28, 2007

Is it bad to brag?

Remember the test I took in Test Construction and Measurement? I said it was an A. Well, it wasn't just an A. It was a 99.38%. It was the highest score in the class. I am bragging about this now, because the test I took in the Psych of Learning class won't be so happy. Right now I have all As, next week I might be choking on a B. Do you suppose I would survive a C? Especially in a class I understand like it was my life, because it was my life?


  1. Cheri, when I was getting my first professional certification, I had to pass a series of seven tests. On one of the tests, I barely passed. When I was gripeing about it, my father asked me what they call the guy who finishes in last place at medical school. His answer? Doctor.

    So, no matter how you do, what matters is that you're doing it. Keep up the good work!

  2. It's never bad to brag when you're speaking the truth! :-) The B that you have to scrap for will mean much more to you that the A that comes easily to you.

    The stuff that I remember most vividly are the things I *missed* on an exam!!