Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturdae (as opposed to Sundae)

Terry's girlfriend (ex-girlfriend?) showed up at Zach's work today. This makes the second time she has managed to be there when she knew Zach would be there. He only works 2 days a week, can't she find someplace else to eat?

So he called me, all upset and scared, and I went to make sure nothing happened. And drank a large chocolate milkshake while I waited for them to leave. When they finally did, the new boy she was with waved at me as they were driving off, just to acknowledge me.

Since none of them were involved in the crime, they can't be included in the no contact order. I thought a lot about contact. You know, the kind that happens when my fist meets her nose

A LARGE chocolate milkshake, and I drank the whole thing! My stomach is sure I hate it . (anthropomorphic fallacy) Once my stomach has finished with the problem, my thighs have the perfect place to store it.

It will take me a whole week to run that off!


  1. Hope Terry is ok.
    And thank you for sharing on my blog. Life can be very cruel sometimes.

  2. Zach is ok. Terry is the bad guy, and will be going to prison for tricking Zach into drinking enough vodka to nearly kill Zach. All for a debit card and pin connected to a bank account with no money in it.