Monday, October 08, 2007

B's are our friends!

I am choking on a B. It could be worse, though, I could have failed it like almost half the class did. A couple of the questions on the test were so badly worded that I think they should be thrown out. Perhaps I could formally question the validity of the two test questions in question.

I fully intend to study better for the next test, however. B's might be our friends, but I much prefer pointy topped letters. Like A.

My son has started his very own blog on blogger. I suspect it will contain a lot of very strong political and personal beliefs. Right now he is working in his profile. I have been telling him for a long time that he should do this. Eventually, people who are interested in what autistic people think might find his blog useful. I know I will find it useful. I know a lot about what he thinks already, but I also know he will write things he might not feel comfortable saying.

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  1. Take heart on the exam. If everyone else thought it was bad, too, then you are likely still be in pointy-letter range.

    Thanks for pointing us to Zack's blog! I think I'll point out to him that some of us like both cats and dogs.

    I hope my opinionated rant on my blog didn't rub your fur backwards (I tried to clarify my position in a reply to your comment, but I'm not sure it was any better...)