Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I survived! though, I don't much smell like I did!

Leather Jacket - charcoal on newsprint 2008I accidentally started my word processor. I was going to play yet another game of slide tiles, but I missed the games icon and hit the word icon. A horrible sense of anxiety ripped through my overstuffed gut. I haven’t even looked at the word processor without disdain since the mad dash to finals week. I don’t like this feeling. I love to write, and I don’t want to associate aversive conditions to a medium that has typically brought me great joy and comfort.

balancing boxes - charcoal on newsprint 2008I survived the semester. There really isn’t much of a difference between a B+ and an A- so I am going to be happy with it. The other three grades were As, so I did good. It was a bitch of a semester, though. I think I may have had too many extra curricular subjects pulling at me. But the strangest thing to happen was some crazy mental block when taking multiple choice tests. I don’t have problems taking multiple choice tests. It better be temporary.

Research posits that thinking too much about something can cause you to do poorly. That is probably it. I remember how I handled it in high school. I got drunk before the geometry quiz, and that was when I finally *got* proofs. I wonder what my advisor would think if I showed up for the first test with an altered mood? Hmmmm.
Gestural pose - charcoal on newsprint 2008
My art teacher thinks I have potential. Wow, he hasn’t even seen the best of my art yet!

Liberty Lost - charcoal on newsprint 2008Zach is counting down the final days of the Bush administration. Huckabee scares the wits out of me. Well, the wits I have left anyway.

Megan’s best (girl) friend is engaged and Megan is the Maid of Honor! I have a very strong feeling that Megan will be needing one soon herself!

Floating Mouse - charcoal on newsprint 2008Christmas came again, sort of. No tree, no presents (except the lottery tickets my dad got us – we all won! Me=$10, Megan=$15, Zach=$20). I made game hens for dinner, my present to everyone. They sucked. Maybe I should just stick with turkey.
Mountainscape - Ink on paper 2008
I feel much better about writing now. It is fun when it isn’t for a grade. I shall begin work on my series about what I have learned this year. Ooooh, betcha can’t wait for that!

All I really want is a couple days here!By they way, I closed my eyes and thought hard about what it is I really want. The results didn’t have anything to do with school. I still don’t know what I really aught to do, but I have signed up for psych classes this spring, so that’s what I’ll be doing. Special Education will always be there. I personally think that what I am in school for now is more relevant to teaching profoundly disabled students than learning about Idaho history, but that’s just me. I still don’t feel really good about it all right now, but things always have a way of turning out. It’s strange really, just like me.Self Portrait - charcoal on newsprint 2008


  1. You certainly do have potential, and in so many ways!

  2. Thank you for saying so! I try to believe it as much as possible.