Thursday, January 17, 2008

Post Birthday Update

Yep, that's right. Yesterday was my birthday, and the only people who noticed were the people I told. But then, why should this birthday be any different from any other birthday. The kids wanted to go out to dinner, but I was so tired. So I guess we'll do it this weekend.

School started up again, and I have to go every day. Since riding the bus costs half of what driving everyday would cost, I have elected to ride the bus. I had to drop a class that was scheduled during travel home time, but that wasn't the hardest part. The hardest part is I have to get up at 4:45 a.m. to get dressed and get to the bus stop before 5:20. I haven't been able to sleep in a moving vehicle since I was a child, but I really need to work hard at getting there again. It's the only way I will survive. The two hour drive home will give me time to do my reading, and I have 5 hours on Mondays and Wednesdays to do research and stuff. Of course, I only have one class that has a research project assigned!

I am in a cognitive processes class that is being taught by the head of the psych department, my advisor. I think this will be a great class. Tough, but I bet a learn a ton. There are some really smart people in that class, and I have no delusion of being at the top of that class, so I will gladly take the passing grade I earn. Even if it doesn't have a pointy top.

The other psych class is Experimental Psychology. We are going to learn how to put together research projects and write the results. We get to pretend to be real researchers. This may be the class where I really learn about the research papers I've been reading.

I am in an into to Pilate's class. I will get in shape this semester, I won't be able to help myself. On the days I don't have Pilate's, I have to hurriedly climb up a hill and up 5 stories of stairs. Then I have to walk back down the hill to get to my next class. Going down is easy enough. Packing a 25 pound backpack up 4 flights of stars (for my painting class) and then up 5 flights of stairs (for cognitive psychology) is a work out.

My cognitive psychology class is sandwiched between my Painting class and a Sculpture calls. I will get a lot of painting done, and I will learn how to manipulate metal into artful shapes. I will get to learn how to cast bronze, and weld! I don't know, I think this semester is going to be a blast!

Oh, and I figured out how to get a ton of traffic to my blog! Post a lot of pictures! I get a lot of visits that come from google images. Take, pictures, and borrow pictures from other sites. I think the pictures should be of things that really represent what the blog is about so that the people want to keep coming back!

Also, Big news! I wrote about a murder that took place in Twin Falls in March. The local media did a really good job sensationalizing the incident, they informed us about the murderer who suicided, but absolutely said nothing about the woman except that she was nude and dumped over the bridge. KMVT even shot footage from across the canyon of her body while investigators gathered evidence around her. So I wrote a post to ask if anyone know who she was.

This past weekend, her sister and father found the post and have left a lot of really good comments about their beloved sister/daughter. She was a real person with a real life who was human and loved. Check it out.

I'm still working on those acquisition posts. They're a lot more complicated than I thought they would be, and I don't want them to feel or sound like homework. This blog isn't homework!


  1. Well, Cheri, I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was a good one in spite of not many people remembering.
    I've always seen my own birthday as pretty much just another day, so I'm afraid that I don't do very well keeping track of others' birthdays.

    It's beautiful that you were able to give Kimberly's family a place to let people know about her. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for them.

  2. Well, except for the wifi at ISU being down in the morning, my birthday was a fairly eventless day. Up at 4:45, home at 6:00, school supply shopping and left overs! My birthdays have really improved over the past 10-15 years. No one died, no one dumped me, and I wasn't grounded!

    I am pretty excited about hearing about Kimbery. I sometimes wonder if something like that had happened to me, would anyone notice?

  3. A belated happy birthday! Sure sounds as though you are going to be busy!!

  4. I'm sorry!! I had thought about your birthday all the whole week before and I was planning on doing something for you, but the first week of school is very stressful and crazy and because of that I spaced it! I don't even think that I had realized what the date was.

    Oh, and I would sure notice if anything like that happend to you!