Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Edible Art

Megan's Bridal Shower CakeMegan had her bridal shower this weekend. She got a lot of cool stuff - and magically - it was all stuff she wanted! Someone tried to explain to me that Megan has a bridal registry at Target, so of course they were all things she wanted. However, magical thinking is the way of the world, so it must have been synchronicity at work! I just wish I could get a little more if it right now. The wedding is less than two weeks away and I have so much to do.

Megan and I baked the cake for her shower. I call it edible art. It has always been one of my most favorite art forms because if it turns out sub-par don't worry! It will get eaten! Just don't take pictures and it's like it never happened! This cake we decided to take pictures of. It turned out rather pretty. I think we will use these flower arrangements on the wedding cake too. It is always funny to make a pretty cake - especially if it was as easy as this one - and have people say they don't want to cut into it because it's so pretty. You think it's pretty now, wait until you are savoring the creamy buttery icing! mmmmmm.

I had my last final on Thursday, and am waiting for the teacher to post the grade to my report card. When she does, I will proudly post the image on my blog. Oh, did I go and give away the surprise?

Megan's spotty towelMegan has a problem with towels. It is quite the mystery too! All of her towels get these spots on them. They look like bleach spots, but she doesn't use bleach. She considered the possibility that it is facial care products and changed products, but the spots still kept coming. Her roommates used the same products without getting spots on their towels. She thought it might be something about her skin, but it doesn't happen to her cloths, just her towels.

Another spotty towelThe next logical step of investigation is laundering. Yes, she washes her towels separately, but only because she doesn't want lint on her other cloths. She uses the same detergent, and the same wash and dry settings. It's not the washer, because she has used several different washers (washers in two different apartments and laundromat washers) and got the same results.

More spotty towelsWe can't figure out what in the world is going on! I have never heard of this problem before, have you? Do you suppose towels are allergic to Megan? Funny thing about that is, it never happened when she was a kid living at home. Another funny thing is that my towels got spots on them when she lived here recently - and she didn't use them! We didn't wash them together either! What is going on!?!

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