Friday, June 06, 2008

Popcorned Butter

I took my dad to the movies for his birthday. We ordered two drinks ($4 each) and a medium bucket of buttered popcorn ($5.00). It cost less to see the movie, afternoon matinees are only $5.50. We almost needed a spoon to eat the popcorn that was swimming in butter. At least the movie was good!He's older, but he still has it! I have gone to the theater with my dad to see all of the Indiana Jones movies. It's special to me, but I don't think my dad knows why exactly.The bad guys:  Commies this time.
When I was raped, he took me to see the Temple of Doom to take my mind of the troubles. He really didn't know how to handle it, heck, I didn't know how to handle it. But four a couple of hours everything was ok.
Shia Lebeouf, Harrison Ford, karen Allen: Indi learns he has a family!Ever since, I have always thought of my dad when watching Indiana Jones movies. These movies are a heck of a lot of fun. You take your seat, set your life and your troubles and logic outside the door, secure your pop and popcorn, and go on a wild ride!Jr. learns he has a father
This one was just as good as the rest, too. They tied all of the Indi movies together in this one. I even suspect this movie was to pass the torch! Who knows, maybe I'll be taking my grandkids to watch Shia LeBeouf go on more archaeological adventures!Cate Blanchett: is there a role she wouldn't be good in?
I love Cate Blanchett. She can play any role, it seems, and make it believable. Her beauty goes all the way through. Even when she is being evil.
I think my dad was a little undone by how aged Harrison Ford has become. It reminded him of his own age. He, like me and probably everyone out there, doesn't feel old. He still feels as young as he ever was, though his body tells him otherwise. We decided that in our lifetimes, we amass a certain amount of knowledge that we hope benefits the next generation. I told him I was concerned that humanity doesn't seem to learn as fast as some individuals learn. He reminded me that we have come a ways just in a century or two. We have, but it is sad to see how painfully slow we are at learning as a species. We are a species still in its infancy, betting all we have that we will be saved from ourselves. I cant help but doubt our ability to outlive our ignorance.

In the meantime, we have Indiana Jones.


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