Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jobs and sleep

The time has come. Weddings aren't free, you know, and I spent a little on Megan's. I'm not complaining about the cost of her wedding, she kept it to about $2000.00 which is really great, I think. If she had waited until I was done with college and working I would have spent much more than that, I assure you.

But, $2000 is a lot of money to a starving college student, and it was the last of the savings I had. So, tomorrow, I have a job interview. That's right, I'll be working soon so that I can pay bills and get my bachelor degree. Summer is over for me, folks, and it doesn't even begin until Friday!

The good news is that have rested up. I have completely recovered from the sleep deprivation I had suffered from January to June. Never again will I do that to myself. I am even beginning to exercise again so that I can lose some of this fat that accumulated. Did you know that sleep deprivation causes weight gain and type II diabetes? Did you know that just a few days of sleep deprivation (not sleeping a full 7-8 hours a night) accumulates and causes a person's working memory to suffer, emotions to run wild and can even mimic psychosis if it goes on long enough? Well, I suspected the psychosis stuff, but didn't know the rest until I saw Lesley Stahl's report on 60 minutes Sunday. I never have been good at not getting enough sleep. I suspect I'm not alone.

I like the way the researcher said that not getting enough sleep is not a badge of honor. We need to eat healthful foods, get enough exercise, and sleep. We evolved to need sleep. Every animal that we know of needs sleep. Sleep functions to keep us sane and help us learn. DON'T MESS WITH MY SLEEP! I can go without food, water, and exercise, but please don't mess with my sleep!

Speaking of sleep: Goodnight.


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