Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

The neighborhood is changing. Across the street a big (and I mean big in numbers as well as weight) family has moved. They have a dog that looks very small, but it barks really big. All of the freaking time!

Right next door to them a group of men have moved in. They spend a lot of time working in the yard and growing a garden. They also like to sit and drink and laugh and party from time to time. From time to time you can hear loud popping sounds. It's them shooting rocks at a target with sling shots.

Most recently, a young man has moved into the house just on the other side of the neighbor I have talked about. Tonight (11:00 p.m.) he came over to find out if we had called the police on him. It freaked me out a bit. I asked him to leave, which angered him, and he left screaming explicatives. I guess I will have to visit him in a couple of days, during the day, and explain to him that we don't like people coming up and sticking their heads in our door in the middle of the night. It took me forever to get Zach calmed down. I guess the guy thinks that Zach is a threat because he sits, or paces in the yard a lot.

It's like Zach said about the girl who started sexually harassing him at work: "It doesn't matter how hard you try to avoid trouble, it always finds you!"

Well, Zach spoke with his supervisor, and she is taking care of that problem. Hopefully it will end well, as will this.

Maybe we need better fences.


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