Sunday, August 31, 2008

I've got a Nikon camera, I love to take photographs

Nikon D40I finally got a decent camera and have learned I have a lot to learn! I'm excited, though. This camera is for the person who has had enough of the point and shoot, but isn't ready for the expense of the professional camera. I got this camera with the kit lens and a zoom lens, extra battery, remote, and lens cleaner for under $700. Even still, that is a huge investment for me right now. I think it will be worth it. Right now, I am taking a lot of pictures with the camera on auto so that I can get a feel for how it works and focuses. I have taken macro pictures and I like how they turn out, but I need to work more on the Field of depth functions. It does a lot of stuff I really don't know anything about yet, but I am so excited about learning!

I took the following pictures with manual focus. I really liked being able to focus on exactly what I wanted and not what the camera thought it should be. The pear picture was cool, I thought, because a group of pears in the foreground is in bright focus against the whole of the pear tree. When I tried to take pictures of a plumb on my tree, the flash automatically came on, but I didn't want that (although, I actually do like that picture) so I turned the flash off and took the picture again. Now, I can't decide which picture I like better.

I like that I can take pictures of leaves that are backlit by the sun and not get a big black blob! These pictures should help me paint better pictures!

Gooseberry Leaves Turning for Fall


Sun peaking through plumb leaves

Plumb with flash

Plumb without flash

Of course I had to take the obligatory snapshot right out of the box of the cat. Cats are easy to photograph.

Precious Kitty

For those of you who may have wondered what happened to me, I have been taking care of Megan. She had reconstructive ACL surgery on the 20th. They also had to put a stitch in her torn meniscus disc. She will not be able to put weight on that knee for five weeks! I did get to take her out for lunch this weekend. We also took a walk up and back in the mall. Crutches are difficult to walk with, and after a little more than a week of laying in bed, the little walk turned out to be quite a work out.

Zach picked his first real ear of corn this weekend. He share it with me. I sure wish that there was a lot more of that to eat!

Poor sick Megan

Zach and his corn

Then, yesterday, I went out to take pictures of the storm clouds because I thought they would be colorful. I stopped at one spot and got distracted by some horses. I walked up to the fence and they all came running up to me. I asked if I could take their pictures, and they agreed. I say that because the young black horse and the red and white horse started doing what really looked like a dance. I have seen humans that weren't in step as well as these horses were! I would post all of the pictures, but there were 250 of them! (4GB memory card!) I picked a few of the ones I liked the best. They still work best as a slide show!

Frisky black horse

Frisky red horse

He's pretty, isn't he?

One last hop

I did finally get around to shooting the storm. Once again I had to choose just a few of a hundred kinda cool pictures. I am thinking about using one of the storm pictures as the background for my blog.

The storm didn't turn out to be as colorful as the one I saw a couple of years ago. It thing it was because this storm was not as close to the ground, and wasn't as wet. It was still pretty though. The sunflowers were in full bloom in the desert, too.

Smoke tinted clouds

Dark cloud looms overhead

Fluffy cloud sandwich

Sun peaks under the storm

Backlit wild sunflower

Hint of rainbow

School has started. I only have to drive to Poky once a week. I have one telecommunications class here, and two online classes. I am hoping to have my diploma by the end of this year! (I'd cross my fingers, but I know it will require more hard work than luck)

I am still working on a couple of soap box posts. Every time I try to write one of them, I get really stinking mad. People can be so egocentric! I'll get it done - eventually!

Please don't take my memory card away, oh no!


  1. You are going to have fun with your new toy!! Some great shots there.
    Good luck for the start of school.

  2. Photography is what all the cool kids are doing this year!

    I almost got the D40, but ended up with the Canon XTi. It was about the same money when I got it and I just felt more comfortable with the Canon menus. Now, you just need to get a Flickr account...

  3. You have a lot of fun pictures on here. The one with me isn't so great, but the rest of them are! It is so exciting that you were finally able to get a good camera.