Friday, August 01, 2008

Scrutator: The Earth Moves

I guess if I want to feel the earth move under my feet I should head to California! How cool is it that there were no serious injuries? Well, not physically anyway. Maybe professionally?Shouldn't she (an astrologer) have known the earthquake was coming? Listen to the horoscope she is reading! I guess she isn't as psychic as psychotic? psychic - psychotic, there's but an ot of difference.

Monday I told you about a mother who has had to deal with a kind of bigotry and prejudice that Zach and I have not fully experienced. That's not to say Zach doesn't experience more than his share of painful experiences because of people who think it's ok to take advantage of him. Tuesday night (2:00 a.m. to be exact) Zach decided to go to the store to get himself a pop. On his way back a couple of guys (who claimed to be 18) called Zach over to them and asked to bum a cigarette. Zach said he only had one but offered to share it. In the process of lighting the cigarette and handing it to one of the guys, the other slugged him in the side of the head while the the one taking the cigarette grabbed him and pulled him off his bike. They then hopped on his bike and took off. The police here are notoriously slow at night (could that be why so much crime takes place at night?), and once Zach managed to get someplace to call 911 (he left his cell phone at home!!!!) it took over an hour for the police to arrive. So, he is understandably upset. I'd like to get my hands on these scum! I guess I'm going to have to take a chance and get Zach some self defense classes. I haven't yet because I fear that he won't know a good time to use it from a bad time, but he needs to be able to protect himself. This is getting ridiculous.

Hmmmmm, who could have predicted that gas prices in Idaho would not decrease at the same pace as the rest of the nation? Idaho gas prices are not falling alongside the national trend according to the Times News Wednesday! They report that
usually, Idaho gas prices are pretty consistent with national trends, but over the past two weeks there's been a bit of a disconnect.
Apparently they didn't care to listen to what Dave Carlson of AAA or Troy Willie of Oasis Stop 'N Go Stores had to say about the problem in their own news article. Both mention several possible causes of the problem, all of which would and have been common occurrences for us. But who could have predicted this attitude from the press and public? Oh, wait! I did! Maybe I'm Psychotic.

I've reconsidered my desire to go to China to see the solar eclipse. Apparently, beheadings once took place in China due to eclipses. Granted, it was a long time ago and I am not an astrologer (like the one in the video clip above), but still, I do like my head attached at the shoulders.

I visited the new LDS Temple with Megan and Steve Saturday. It was very bright and light. There was a lot of art on the walls. One room has a mural of Shoshone Falls on all walls, it is pretty cool. There were some original works of Idaho framed and hung on the walls in hallways, but too many works of Jesus were prints. I had hoped to see original works. I guess there are too few artists painting good religious pieces these days. I got a brochure and I am posting it here for your enjoyment.

The chandeliers were quite beautiful, and I usually don't get impressed by chandeliers.

Wow! When I got home from work Tuesday night I thought about my poor scrutator post and wondered what in the world I would write about. Nothing at all seemed interesting. But here it is! I found something to write about so that I could publish this weeks totally unmoving scrutator.


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