Friday, September 12, 2008

Blogging vs. Networking

Well, I now have both a facebook page (to check out my kids' pages) and a myspace page (the people I worked with the summer talked me into it). I have noticed some really interesting differences in the way people use the networking sites and the way people use blogging. I have also noticed that people who are into the networking don't know how to navigate a blog, and I have certainly had trouble getting through myspace pages. People cram so much visual crap onto their page that you can't read their words!

I guess it is really great for the young people these days who want to keep in touch with all of their high school and college friends. It's a little late for me. But I did have a lot of fun reading about what other students thought of my college professors on myspace. They have a grade your professor link that is really cool.

My problem with the networking sites is that they are totally superficial. If you don't know the people on your page, that won't change. In a blog, you read a person's innermost thoughts. If you read between the lines (and posts) you actually can get to know a person. Even if they really aren't who they pretend to be, you still get to know something deep down about them.

The conversations a person has on a blog typically stay on topic after one post and anyone reading it can follow along. On the networking sites, you have to toggle between the people who are commenting. It's time consuming and I find I'd rather not bother. But that's me.

But that isn't to say I'll abandon my networking sites. And if someone (who is a real person not trying to sell crap to me) wants to be my friend, I'm for it. I don't see myself abandoning my blog for networking, though. Although I'm sure my poor blog has been feeling rather abandoned lately.

Do you have a myspace or facebook page? Which do you prefer? Am I totally full of it? Or do you find it more difficult to navigate the networking sites?

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  1. I've got to tell you, I hate those social networking sites. Maybe it's because my ex-wife cheated on me with someone she met via the Internet (though, that's how we met, too), or something else, but I just hate feeling like I have to leave inane comments about nothing just to try and be popular with strangers. I'd rather write something of interest on a blog, or a comment that's on topic somewhere else.