Sunday, September 21, 2008

"We grow good people in our small towns!"

DadMy dad is a bit of a race car guy. He's from a small town. He's not into the round and rounds. He loves drag racing. In the past he has taken me to Boise, and Pocatello to see drag races where big stars were racing. I had no idea who they were, but he did. At the bigger drag races they will have the funny cars. When we went to fire bird they had one of those rocket engine cars. It was loud - especially for a small town girl.
They burn rubber to clean their tires - I guess

This weekend, the speedway in Gooding was holding some drag races, and my dad invited me to go. So we did.

Now this race was small. Mostly locals, though there was one guy who came all the way from Boise. He didn't win.

The orange car that later dropped its rear endActually, I don't know who won because we got so bored waiting for them to clean the track after some guy dropped his rear end that we decided to go home. But the guy from Boise didn't win. He didn't make it to the second round.

Tacky little truckI didn't really know what to think about the name of this guys car truck. It's tacky in just about every way it can be tacky. But doesn't it just scream small town?

This diesel truck really dumped out the black smoke!The black cloud of smoke hung in the airThen this guy dumped diesel smoke every time he went. Big, huge, smelly, ugly, black smoke. But then, we weren't there to worry about the environment, were we. Small town folk don't spend much time thinking about God's business.

US Flag on pit roadPirate flag on pit road
Flags waved in the wind. The Amercan flag, of course, because small town people are very patriotic. I was in the port-a-potty when they sang the small town favorite song - the national anthem. crap!

They spent almost an hour cleaning the trackHey, mister!  How bout comin over and moppin my floors?While it was fun to watch these guys clean the track with little a little tractor and a mop, it wasn't fun enough to stick around another hour for.

Yeah, I don't how people in small towns are so good, certainly we're no better than people hatched in big towns, but hey - I thought I'd go with it!

ps. I really had a lot of fun hanging out with my dad today. I had fun making fun of the small town folks, but we were there having fun. There were no drunkin brawls, law enforcement wasn't needed, no one got hurt and everyone was nice. Small town nice, but nice none-the-less.


  1. Sounds intereting. Glad you had fun with your dad.

  2. My parents used to work the drag races when I was a kid. Daddy worked in the tower and worked on the cars, while Mama worked the concession stand. I've even raced mini-bikes up and down the strip to try to dry the track off before the races began. One day, I should blog about the cow that got loose on the track... :-P

    When I hear folks poo-poo NASCAR, I try to explain it to them by comparing it to Atlanta traffic on the interstates: the same bumper-to-bumper and aggressive driving, but going 150 mph instead of just 80 or 90. When I hear them bad-mouth NHRA, I tell them that these folks are running on alternative (though incredibly combustible) fuels in their fastest cars. And both of them require incredible engineering talent to get a car to optimize its performance.

    I'm glad you had fun with your dad. Thanks for the blast from the past!