Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Blogger doesn't remember me!

It could be because it has been so long since I last blogged, but still....I can't believe I actually had to type in my user name and password!

Where do I start? So much has happened!

Well, first of all, Zach turned 21. That's drinking age here in the states, and he has been counting the days. But I had to be in Pocatello on his birthday, and didn't get home until 11:30 pm. (I went to see a Shakespeare play-it was set in the early 1900s, and there were no fine young men wearing tights! bummer) Anyway, where was I, oh yeah. On the drive home I called Zach to see if he wanted to go somewhere when I got home and have a beer. He was game.

Apparently, my wonderful brother (said very sarcastically) told Zach that if he went to the Oasis, they would give him a free drink for his birthday. So Zach went. Alone. (aren't wonderful brothers the best? I haven't yet thanked him - I'm still trying to think of non-inflammatory words) Luckily, there was someone there that I have known for a long time. He actually was best friends with my brother growing up - and he was a good guy. He looked after Zach until I got there.

I tried to vary the types of drinks Zach was drinking, hoping he would get sick and get it all out of his system. No such luck. He felt better the next day than I did, and I didn't drink.

Zach's birthday cakeMegan decorated a cake for him. It was pretty. She is learning to decorate cakes, and wanted to do a pretty cake. Zach loved it - but we couldn't eat any of it because we went to our favorite all-you-can-eat buffet and ate as much as we could. And then some.

Zach adjusting the blinds in his new apartmentThen, last Monday, Zach was approved for his first apartment! He is all grown up now and out on his own! I Always thought than when he moved out I would have lots of time to myself. It isn't working out that way. He is more needy now than he has been in a long time. But, I think once he gets used to it he will be fine. It is really a cute little apartment. It has a dishwasher, which he really loves. It seems like a safe place to live, and there are several people with disabilities living in his building. They do background checks, so I can only assume he won't be encountering too many bad guys there.

I decided to start learning the rest of sonatina op 36 by clementi. It really wasn't the best idea I've had in a while. I have a poster presentation and paper to finish in senior seminar, a paper to read and write about in physio psych, a project to write in theatre and a presentation to give at this Friday's lab meeting. I have discovered that if I go somewhere else to work, I get something done.

But I usually sit in the living room to do my homework. The tv is usually on to keep me company, but I manage to tune it out most of the time when I'm working. The piano is in the living room, and I usually keep the book open to the page I am working on so I can find my place easy. The notes dance on the page. They beckon, tease and tempt me until I can no longer resist. I put down my homework and sit to learn the music. A puzzle that hasn't been finished. I can't stop thinking about it. The music I have learned swirls and hums in my head. Like a song you don't know the words to that plays over and over again until you learn he words - only then does it let you go. Maybe I'm just loosing it.

So, now it is time for my psychotic reading. Until recently, people in Idaho have been patting themselves on the back because we hadn't been touched by the recession thanks to the great (sarcasm) dairy industry and wise (more sarcasm) city planners who have developed loads of service industries in Twin. Well, the recession is hitting Idaho. Layoffs are happening and the state government is cutting services. I actually wrote about this earlier this year. And that prediction is taking place. No one will ever remember we weren't effected by the recession as early as the rest of the country. I still predict that everyone will want heads to roll when our economy is still in the crapper while the rest of the country is rebounding. For about a year anyway - then we'll catch up!

Well, I'm really tired now, and I hope this makes sense. I'm sure I will have to come back in and edit it a few times before it is right!

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  1. Belated happy birthday to Zach! What a beautiful cake! And a new apartment! Oh i do hope it works out for him. Hope you had words with your brother!