Monday, August 17, 2009

Fishing on Thursday

I took Zach fishing on Saturday. I am posting the pictures of all of the fish we caught. What, you don't see them?
Zach can go fishing every Thursday and Saturday now. He can do anything he wants on Thursday and Saturday now. His bosses at McDonalds have relieved him of his employment. It was a pretty shabby deal. I could fight this and make them give his job back, but why? He has been unhappy there ever since the new manager started. His work environment was filled with people who got away with calling him the r word and treating him badly. Now, maybe Voc Rehab will get serious and find Zach a job that he actually likes. One he can actually be truly successful at. One in which being autistic isn't a detriment.
There were no fish at the end of the fish stringer. Just our drinks being cooled by the water.
When it comes to employing people with disabilities, did you know that autistic people have the hardest time finding work? It's perfectly acceptable to put people who look disabled in the restaurants cleaning, or in supermarket entrances to greet, but if they don't look disabled, it doesn't happen. People still don't understand autism. People are always staring at Zach like he is something of fear or disgust. That isn't likely to change any time soon, either.
When the parents of autistic children get together and create organizations like autism speaks and make videos about how badly their autistic child ruined their lives and would be better off dead, what is the rest of the world supposed to think? Autism isn't worse than death. Autism isn't something to fear. Autism isn't disgusting. Autistic people do belong. Small words in a hateful world.
There were lots of dragonflies where we were fishing. I think it was too hot for the fish, and Zach really didn't want to stay until it cooled off. I was a little bummed, but we still had fun anyway. Niagara Springs was just as pretty as I remembered. If you are ever out this way, you'll have to check them out.

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  1. Well, at least you got some nice photos.

    Fear of the unknown is a strange thing, especially when it involves people. I hope they find Zach someplace where people are less afraid and more willing to know someone new who's different than they are.
    Hang in there. Both of you.