Thursday, February 18, 2010

My phone has returned!

I lost it on January 26th outside the plant science bldg when I slipped in the snow. I was so worried about looking like a klutz that I hurriedly got up and continued on my way - not even looking to see if I dropped anything.

That day, my son and a client received text messages from my phone.

"Hey i just found this phone on the ground outside on the isu campus and you were the last person to text it, do you have a way of contacting the owner?"

My client had no way of contacting me outside of texting/calling, and texted him back. Zach had no clue what was going on. He didn't get any of the information as to how I could get my phone back, and got confused about what was happening. He came to the conclusion that someone stole my phone and started texting threats about turning the person in to law enforcement. Apparently the person wasn't impressed.

This morning someone started calling me and said they had found it in the parking lot behind Holt Arena. They brought it right to me. The back plate is missing, but it works and I have my contacts back.

I was so excited to see it again. I have been using it (it still had a charge) and now I remember what a pain in the backside it really is.

Still, it is a happy ending to a frustrating situation.


  1. How did the person find you?

  2. The looked in my contacts and decided to contact dad. It just so happens my dad lent me the first phone on his contact information, so they called me directly.

  3. It's great that you got your phone back despite the fact your son didn't fully understand what really happened.

  4. It feels so wierd when we dont have our phones with us. Glad it found its way back to you!