Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big Brother in Texas

I don't really understand how one state can set the standards for textbooks for all of the United States, but here it is! Revised history at work, just like in 1984. Some one else commented that reality is liberal (source amnesia). It may be the only way conservatives have to make sure they continue to enjoy power through the future - by controlling the minds of the future via revisions of history. I am starting to think there really is no hope for this country - or humanity.


  1. People are beginning to feel sick and tired of this sort of garbage. NPR had a great article one morning about how Jon Stewart is so important in today's media because he'll point at the stupid stuff and call it stupid, out loud and in public. Read Political Irony ( for someone else who is willing to call this sort of shit out to the carpet. He posts links to others that do the same. He is a breath of fresh air.

    With the rest of the country adopting the new national education standard, Texas will soon enough become irrelevant.

  2. I hope you are right - but it is the textbook publishers that will help Texas set this standard. The only hope our kids have is passing the national education standard and textbook publishers publishing those standards regardless of how many textbooks Texas buys.

    The problem with relying on John Stewart (who I think is great) is that he doesn't have the kind of exposure that many of the fox pundits have. Here in Idaho, conservatism rules. I read the paper for comments made by readers and it makes me sick. I don't understand how any of them come to the conclusions they write. It is scary. Unless the majority of people learn to think for themselves, we (USA and humanity) will be run into the gutter.

    I wonder what nature has in mind for the creatures who survive us?