Monday, June 07, 2010

Cummins Family Reunion

The Cummins family reunion took place this past weekend.  I drove up with my sister Kim and her daughter Kylie on Saturday.  This was the part of my past that was coming to visit me that I was so afraid of.  The whole way up I was afraid that no one would remember me, or worse, yet more likely, I would not remember any of them.  Neither happened.

When I arrived I was looking through a great crowd and heard my name called.  Immediately I was drawn in to hugs and tears and felt like I had just come upon a whole lot of people who had genuinely missed me for a long time!  And it had been a long time - more than 30 years!  I was at first completely overwhelmed by all the warm greetings - but it didn't take long to really enjoy it all.  I am really glad I went.  I am also going to go again next year - and hopefully with Megan, who says she will probably go and hopefully Steven too.  They also told me that I should come back and visit more, and I think that would be fun too.

So, I was afraid that this would bring up bad memories - because the memories were from my childhood.  What happened is that the memories were warm and safe, and things I can hold on to when I need to drown out negative thoughts and feelings.  So, it turned out to be really good.

I am also posting a couple more pictures of Megan and Ellie from the second visit.  I didn't take as many pictures that weekend, and I don't really remember why.  I didn't spend the night, so maybe it was just a time thing.

Anyway - it's all good.

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  1. It looks like you had so much fun! I'm so glad that it was such a positive experience. I'm excited to see you tomorrow! We weighed Ellie on our little scale and it said she was a little over 9 lbs, so she is really growing! We have had to move up to the 0-3 month PJ's too!