Monday, July 26, 2010

Jay's art

My brother gave me something to hang on my wall.  I think it is absolutely beautiful!  It changes all day long - depending on how the light hits it.  He says he sells them for about $20.  They are definitely worth it!

Auger Falls burned this week. I almost missed it completely.  I was watching tv, and it was not interesting enough to keep me awake.  Thanks Dr. Phil.  So I drove along both sides of the canyon to see if it was possible to get close enough to the edge of the canyon to take good photos.  It wasn't.  Sad thing was, the best vantage point was the easiest to get to - the Perrine Bridge.

 I can't help but feel it is a direct result of our city leaders needing to turn everything into a tamed back-yard type park.  It was started by a cigarette butt.  That figures, doesn't it?  Smokers will all say that they don't exhibit the kind of behaviors that lead to such things as thousand-acre wildfires, so who is responsible for all the cigarette butts littered everywhere?  Some still smoldering.  Some homes were threatened, but you know, if you have to build your house right next to the canyon rim there are risks you just have to assume.  I  know I sound snotty about this.  I'm glad Auger Falls was set aside for a park and not sold off to housing contractors to build at will and sell to the elite.

It is a mess isn't it?

So after figuring out that the best vantage point for photographing the fire was actually from the bridge, I decided to walk along the trail on the rim to follow the trail next to the river. I ended up at a lookout where vultures were flying. I think these birds get a bad rap. They might not look tough like an eagle, but they are interesting and valuable none-the-less. When they are riding the thermals they are just as graceful and look just as free. And it only takes them seconds the span the width of the canyon, which is more than a quarter of a mile. While they were close, I decided to take pictures - practice for when I make it to the old jump site to photograph the red tailed hawk that lives there. I definitely need more practice ;).


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