Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cosmic Fan

I had the most stimulating discussion at lunch today. One of the ladies I sit with is studying history right now, and commented on how we (the U.S.A.) used the Atom Bomb to bully Europe into the conditions set at the end of the war. I added that we (all of us in the USA as we are electing the people in charge) have continued to bully the world ever since, and that the war we are indulging in right now is a direct result of that bullying. We discussed this at length. I started to talk about Karmic energy. I said that if you are going to throw shit at a fan, don’t stand in front of it!

We then spent the next 15 minutes predicting the path the shit would take once it hit the fan. We decided (with no scientific or mathematical proof) that the shit would spatter all over the place. We agreed that it would probably all shoot back in the general direction the fan was pointing, but that it would pretty well cover the ceiling, walls and floor. We have too much fun (did I mention it was lunchtime?). It ended in a startling concept that the one lady didn’t want to see, and the other found much too difficult not to pounce on. I love my work friends!

In respect to Karmic energy, or any energy for that matter (not a pun, I promise), if one sends out negative, potentially hurtful, energy, it doesn’t just come back to the one who sent it! It hits the fan and is spread out exponentially. And since space and time are neither linear nor constant, the energy could be sent to other parts of our lives and universe.

If this is true, then the negative energy I created yesterday morning could have hit the cosmic fan, returning to me later in the day with the upset partners! Heck, maybe that hurtful energy is the reason I had such a bad time in the July of my 17th year! Maybe it is the cause of my headache, pulled muscle or cold virus. Or, maybe I have yet to experience the repercussions! My friend thinks that all the of the world’s problems were very likely started when the doctor pulled me out of my mother’s birth canal like she and I were a cattle! Not that there is anything wrong with cows, except bse, but that’s another blog.

What if my angry energy passed through a p-brane and messed up some other dimensional character’s day!?! What if I am that other character? I should definitely be more careful about the emotional energy I release! After all, it is just an adventure, it should all be fun and amusing. I am simply experiencing all that this existence has to offer. It doesn’t have to be so encumbersom, I should just go with the flow, and enjoy the show.

Although, I don’t go to a movie to just go with the flow. No matter how many times I see Jurassic Park, I still sit at the edge of my seat, fingernails clenched between my teeth, jumping at every start! That’s what makes it fun! But that’s just it, I know it’s just fun. I guess that is what I need to remember in my daily life. It is supposed to be fun. Keep it fun. Keep it interesting. Keep it challenging. No matter what you chose to keep, keep it fun!

Oh, and who says shit has to be a bad thing? It’s a social concept born from health issues I guess. It doesn’t stop a dog from eating cat shit, does it? Heck, if a dog who shits is getting fed real well, well, a less well fed dog will eat that shit too. Does that make the dog sick? It might make me sick, but the dog seems happy. So who’s right? What’s right? It’s all right! Alright? (Oh, my)

Ok, I know I am having way too much fun with this. That’s ok though. It’s not all out there as much as some might think.

If you want to take quantum theory and the strings and m’s and p-branes to the full extent, we must admit that all things are truths. All “illusions”, all visions, all ideas and ideals are truths. All things that can happen, do happen. All choices we could possibly make, are made. There are no conditions, no judgments, no boundaries, except where there are conditions, judgments and boundaries.

For some, judgment day is a reality, for them it is and will be real. Everything written in the bible is true and real. It is the reality for a lot of people. It just isn’t my reality. My reality (if I could only live it 100% - but I will get there) is compassion, and unconditional acceptance and love. When I go to the place of unconditional acceptance, I realize that all that is is as it should be. All things have their place and are beautiful and magnificent. All that is is perfect and unimaginably peaceful and safe.

When I visit this place in my heart I feel infinite gratitude for my experience, my existence. I feel warmth wrap around me and hug me and hold me, keeping me safe from fear. I love this place. Someday I will come to this place and never leave.


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