Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Gratitude, Compassion, Surrender, Happiness, Faith

Gratitude. My whole being is filled with it. It seeks its way through every capillary, every cell, every molecule, every sub atomic particle. Electrons are exited by it, spreading waves of pleasure that emanate from within. It enters on every breath, and pulsates through my heart. My toes keep wiggling. My face keeps smiling. My stomach keeps fluttering.

Surrender. It is the path to gratitude. It winds through the quite valleys of the moment. It echoes through the canyons of contentment. It soars on the wings of peace. It sweeps through the forests of silence.

Happiness. It comes when I surrender to the gratitude I feel when God touches my shoulder. It stays to visit for as long as I will have it. It sings me to sleep, and kisses my eyelids in the morning. The universe has an infinite quantity to share.

Faith. My faith strengthens my courage. It steels me through the unknown. It comforts me in solitude. It casts light through the dark.

Compassion. It connects me to the entities I come in contact with every day. It shows me that all things are meaningful. It tells me that all has value. It is recyclable, reusable, and regiftable.

I’m on a spiritual high today. My epiphany came in a wonderful way. All of the events of my life have lead me to this moment. No matter what happens in my life, today, this moment, is worth living.

It’s wonderful to know that everything has come to be for very special reasons. We don’t need to know the purpose, or the meaning. We only need to experience each moment, and be grateful for each breath.


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