Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oh! What a day! God Loves Me!

Wow, what a day! A certain student who has been sharing his cold germs all year - ok all 8 weeks of it anyway - is feeling much better now. I think he felt the need to make up for lost time. I sure wish he would have waited a little longer for me. Oh how I ran after him every second of the day, I shocked him with my re-found ability to yell. Of course, I shocked me too, but in the process, I saved some people from a shower of cardboard.

And we made our first wind chime out of bamboo. Oh they are soooooo cute. And we got a governor's grant for innovative teaching ideas, so we will get a popcorn popper and sell pop corn to groups who would like such a service. Plus, we could even make flavored popcorn, caramel, chocolate dipped, oh the possibilities. Oh, yes, and then sell it so that we will have enough money to put in the partner’s scholarship funds.

Speaking of partners, I did come up with a project for my class that more than made up for the grief they tried to give last Friday when my daughter came. Oh - yes! We recycled bottles and cans. Let me tell you that adolescents can be such pigs. They know it’s a recycle bin, do they really want their gum, lunches, and breakfasts recycled too? Oh, the putrid odors coming out of the bins nearly gagged us all. But we did it. And now it’s done. And in time for the recycling company to come and pick it up.

Then I did go to the courthouse to support the teachers who are really trying hard to negotiate with a very snotty board. I just know that I didn’t get a big enough raise to make up for the insurance increase, so I hope they get what they are asking for now. The board is confused, I think. It’s not the teachers who get elected for their jobs!

Then I went on my bike ride. Oh, it was so pretty. The leaves are all turning and falling. It was so warm. The sky was gray. I was gone for 45 minutes. It sure didn’t feel like it. I decided it would be better to ride the bike than try to run the 7 miles. I even rode up both of the big hills! I did good.

Then I come to find out that God is reading my blog. Even guided a couple of people to answer. Boy I’m sure glad about that. I needed a little push. Ok, I needed a big push. Oh maybe I needed a kick in the pants!

Well, that might sound strange to some, I know. But I really do believe that God works through us all. We are constantly getting and delivering messages to each other. I didn’t even think anyone was reading this at all, especially since it is so hard to find. I mean, I know what my blogs say, and I have a hard time finding them in the searches. I even found a blog site that likes to publish other peoples’ blogs. They had one of my blogs there, and I found IT before I found my original. Strange I say. So to have two people respond to that one blog in one day, well, it has to be a God thing.

So now I am truly inspired to go out and make things happen. Life doesn‘t wait for us, and since I’m young now, I best live now. I already knew that, somewhere. I even tried for a while, but gave up. I don’t really know why either. I just lost it somewhere and haven’t been able to find it again - until now.

I should be over this cold soon, and feeling great again (able to make up for lost time myself?). I biked today, have yoga tomorrow, and will try to run and the hs track on Thursday. And, I WILL paint this weekend. I MUST make time for that. I do see that path laid before me and I MUST take it! I have a few paintings started, I should work on ALL of them. That way, taking out all the stuff won’t take longer than the fun of painting! That’s the ticket!



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