Friday, October 14, 2005

Partners and Parenting

Wow, what a day it’s been. I didn’t get to make an entry yesterday because my daughter was using the computer for an English paper. I have a couple of ideas to write on rattling around in this head of mine, but I think I’ll write on my partners today.

Cassie came by for a visit, and it was really nice to see her. She was the best partner we've ever had! She will make a great teacher when she gets out of college because she has a real gift. I can't put into words how rewarding it is to know that she looks to me as an example of what to do.

It seems some partners think I am mean and useless. They are the unmotivated partners who think it's a sluff class and don't really like the students they are supposed to be working with. They like to write mean letters to my boss, who knows what the motive is, and while it is irritating, it never will drown out the voices of the partners who are here for the right reasons. The ones who will go on to teach; the ones who will someday shape public policy for people who have disabilities; the ones who will change attitudes and build roads for them; the ones who share my love for them; they're the ones that I will think of often. They're the ones whose opinions really matter.

Then my daughter came by because I wanted my last period partners to see who my daughter is, you know, because I’m proud of her. Well, it turned into a bit of a circus, but, oh well. I still like those partners. I do think, however, that I will have a little more work for them next Tuesday. ;)

My poor son though. His English teacher is still being a meanie. She’s one of those teachers who only likes good students who naturally learn easily. Poor thing doesn’t know that those students don’t really need teachers! They could learn just as well from a computer. A good teacher can teach all types. There are so few good teachers.

I’m gonna go home now. Good shows on tv tonight. IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

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