Friday, November 11, 2005

Lonely Dreamer?

Is God Lonely?

This strange thought came to me during a meditation earlier this week. If it is true that there is only one God, and God is everything, then how could God not be lonely?

One response would be “that’s why he created us”! Have you ever created anything? I have painted pictures, baked and decorated amazing cakes, cooked wonderful spaghetti sauces and written lengthy and somewhat interesting essays. None of those things has ever eased any of the loneliness I have felt. They amused and amazed me, they entertained me, but they never eased my need for an equal to share them with.

If we are God’s creations, or God’s dream, or an extension of God in any way, then all we can do is amuse God. We cannot provide any real companionship to such an entity. Without an equal to share such accomplishments with, it must seem empty. What would be the purpose of existence?

What type of consciousness could exist as an entity totally unique and utterly alone? What kind of purpose would it have? What is our part in it? Are we misguided when we believe we have a higher purpose? Is this kind of loneliness unique to this human existence?

When I try to picture God I see a tremendous sea of energy, harmonious and balanced, filled with color and song. It is a place awash with all. All of the pain, all of the bliss, all of the happiness and sadness, all of the glory and nothing at all. But I feel no awareness of self. No awareness that anything is missing, because nothing is missing. Nothing is out of place. Everything is perfect and beautiful. Everything just is.

Is God Lonely?

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  1. I was wondering that too. except i think we should try to become god's partner, or equal, thats how we cure his loneliness. i don't know what to think. If it is true that there is only one god, and that we are all much worse than him, then he must be dreadfully lonely.