Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I am still waiting to receive reading material by Richard Rose and Jed McKenna, but if the people who mention him in their blogs are right, I'm not sure I'm interested in "enlightenment". While I could be off the mark, it seems to me that these people seem confused and depressed. When they describe enlightenment, they make life sound useless. They talk about going on with life, but not taking it seriously, or getting too into it's drama.

When I came to the knowledge that all is one, it was a relief, not a shock. Suddenly, my life did have meaning, and just as much meaning as anything else that exists. I know that when it is time, I will become immersed in the energy that exists in all. For now, I continue. I will enjoy each experience this existence has to offer and appreciate all it has to give. The highs, the lows, the joy, the pain, all, it is here for me to experience, and I will not debase it by calling it a lie.

And what is it with calling everything a lie? When I first encountered this state, I came to the feeling that everything is TRUTH. Everyone here is experiencing what they were intended to experience. We don't know why now, but that doesn't matter. Everyone and everything, every thought every dream, every word, is TRUE. We all speak and live the truths we know.

I think that I am awake. My happiness and peace come from unconditional acceptance. If one can accept everything and everyone in existence as being vital and important, and that no one is entitled to more than anyone else, peace follows. But, in truth, conditions must exist here, or there would be no point in being here, would there?

I am not in line with many who say they are enlightened. Perhaps this was not the path. I will obtain and read the books before I make my mind up about it.


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