Thursday, February 16, 2006

Back Off!

Back Off! Posted by Picasa It has been that kind of a week. I keep staying up till all hours of the night playing with my new computer. I am soooo tired right now that I really do think I am very possibly asleep. It was definitly not because of any meltdowns, just ordinary every day kind of noise. But by the time the end of the school day approached, I was gone. I roamed the halls and worked really hard to get realease students to actually leave the campus like they're supposed to. I bared my teeth.

I drew this in charcoal. I was helping a student in his art class who is quite self sufficient in art. The fact that I have been going to art classes for the past several years as a part of my job, is why I have been able to get to where I am with my art today.

I am really looking forward to finishing my acrylic painting and work some more on a couple of oils this week end. But more than anything else, I'm sleepy and need a long nap.


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