Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fallen Vessel

Fallen Vessel Posted by Picasa

We are not human beings experiencing a spiritual existence. We are spiritual beings experiencing a human existence. I read this somewhere and BOOM! I knew this was my motto. It so completely describes how I feel about this life. That is why I choose not to deny ego, that is why I choose to continue to have the experience. The fact that I can see this so clearly today is very encouraging. There will be more ups and downs for a while, I know. But there is hope.

I am ready to begin my new life. I did something strange and signed up on match.com. I have really gotten a lot of winks and responses on my profile so far. These are keeping so busy right now that I really haven’t had much of a chance to look for what I actually want in a partner. But I do have a pretty good idea. And it looks like there might be some guys out there who are as out there as I am.

So I’m adding a picture today. This one is a pastel drawing of a vase. In an art class the students were supposed to sketch designs that they wanted to sculpt into native Idaho clay. I have this drawing, but I was unable to translate it into clay. I am going to take a pottery class this summer with my work friend. It will be fun. 5 eight hour days in a row, shaping and molding hunks of mud into works of art. I can hardly wait.

Anyway, this vase is a representation of the soul of a woman. The base of the vessel is the beautiful natural wonderful person all of us start out as. The black is the messages we receive over our lifetimes that blacken and threaten to engulf us. It's never too late to realize what is happening and to change our minds about ourselves. We can reclaim our precious flower.


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