Sunday, March 12, 2006

First Date

I was so excited to get to meet you. I didn’t want to be early, waiting sucks. I didn’t want to be late, I have more respect for you than that. I was right on time. I was so nervous. You were standing there waiting, and I couldn’t believe how handsome you were.

There is something so classy about an outdoor adventurer. Dressed in black, tall, and gorgeous, you stood waiting with an air of confidence, but I could tell you were nervous. I was so happy to see you, and you seemed genuinely pleased to see me. I wanted to fall into your arms right at that moment, and stay there forever. I didn’t want to know more, I would be disappointed if you were different than my mind made you out to be.

We went into the restaurant prepared for a wait. Could you tell how nervous I was? Was it obvious that my stomach was turning somersaults, my heart swelling with excitement? I tried to calm myself. How amazing that I never felt I had to be anything but who I am. Nervous, excited, hopeful, but never insecure. I was immediately at ease with you.

The host seated us. We sat, pretending to study the menu, stealing glances of each other. I longed to run my fingers through your tousled, blonde hair, and gaze into your honest blue eyes for an eternity. You smiled at me so genuinely, crinkling your strong and dignified nose, and I tried to imagine your well manicured goatee tickling my chin. Your lips were a galaxy away.

Then the dance began. Probing questions were asked, never to the point but always leading to the right answers. How could it be? How could I have actually found another human being who really sees the world as I do? In Idaho! Our words reached out, whirling in circles, chasing, teasing, and catching each other. Before dinner came, they had formed into one single beautiful flame.

I told you some secrets, but not enough to spoil the mystery. The hours passed. All of a sudden it was silent. I looked up and no one was around. They had gone leaving us to each other. Only a handful of wait people lingered. They were so nice to let us stay so long after closing. We had to leave.

You walked me to my car, I dragged my feet. A little small talk and then…you wrapped your arms around me and held me close, and didn’t let go. Then you looked at me, you said something, I can’t remember what, then kissed me. Gently, warmly, perfectly.

I can’t stop thinking about you, and don’t want to. I can’t wait to see you again next Friday. You called me today! I am astounded that you feel the same way. You said so! I love the way this feels.


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