Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Second Date

Neither of us wanted to wait until Friday. You called me on your way home from your ski trip Monday. You were concerned that it would be too late to go for a walk, but I insisted it wasn’t, I wanted so badly to see you, too badly.

I headed out ten minutes too early, and ended up watching the water overrun the giant pillars of basalt and crash into the river below. I tried to be patient, but my excitement exceeded my skill, and I checked the time every minute for the full ten minutes. I fanaticized a dozen ways to greet you, and forgot them all when you came.

You brought your dog, who seemed most uninterested in me. Perhaps she could tell that I wasn’t there to see her. Perhaps it was because she is just too laid back to express her feelings toward me in any outward manner. I wonder, did she like me?

We held hands and walked down the stairs of the Shoshone Falls outlook. The roar of the water couldn’t drown out the pounding of my heart. You decided that if a person drove a boat up under the falls, that he could climb right up the rock face of the falls. I’m really not sure what to think about that, but I know it is a part of you that I find fascinating.

We walked part-way up the centennial trail, and, when we found a private spot, we stopped. We kissed. Your lips were warm and gentle. You held me so close, stroked my hair, caressed my back. Your tongue was shy, so I teased it out. The taste of your mouth sent shocks of excitement throughout my entire body.

The night air took on a chill, but your body pressed against mine kept me warm and tingly. I never wanted to stop. You made me want to do things I shouldn’t even be thinking about yet. Is this moving to fast?

I can’t get over how comfortable I feel with you. I don’t have to prove my worth to you. When you touch me, I feel appreciated. When you look at me I feel beautiful. When you kiss me I feel. I can’t even say I know this feeling, I don’t think I have ever felt it before.

Oh, the chemistry is there. I recognize that. Every nerve ending in my body screams for your attention. Your touch brings to life every hair, every pore, every, well, let’s just say, I want you. I throb in places I forgot existed. I am alive, and vibrant. Inside I feel this can’t move fast enough. It feels so right.

Friday. It’s a long time to wait to hold you again.


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