Saturday, November 04, 2006


Holy Cow! Writing a novel is hard work. My thumbs are so tired, I can barely get them to push the silly space bar at the right time. And though I am 500 words shy of my goal, I have typed over 6000 words this month on my novel. I have read chapters of the bible, not for inspiration, but for research. I have looked up dead bolt diagrams, and researched schizophrenia.

Writing is such a funny thing. I can only write for about an hour at a time, then I have to switch gears for a while before I can continue. I guess my max for writing in a day is about 4 hours. Maybe I'll get better. The story seems to be going pretty well. It's kind of fun weaving a tale, giving just enough to keep a reader reading, but not so much as to give away the whole thing. We'll see how I feel about the whole thing at Thanksgiving. I'm glad it's just a story. I would hate to be the heroin in this story, or her sister. This is freaky stuff, schizophrenia.

Zach tried to call last night, but didn't get through. I have been trying to call him, but I think his phone battery died. He should be coming home this weekend. They better let him call me from their phone soon, or heads are going to roll; oh yes, shit will hit that cosmic fan. And I will stand to one side.

Monday should be fun. The new girl starts. She doesn't know that she has to be me. She can't be, of course, but she'll want to give it her best shot. 48 days 'till quit day comes. Yes, I am counting them, no, it doesn't help, usually. But I do it anyway.

I am so tired right now. I am going to sign off. I just wanted to sign on for a minute and log in what has been up. Nanowrimo. That's whats up. clrcl is writing 10,000 words this month. The writing marathon. Surely I will be able to continue with training for the running marathon next year too. Then figure out some equivelent of a marathon for climbing. Oh, yeah, then there will be the finals marathon.

I didn't get to say that when I went to see the advisor at the college, she was impressed I guess. As I was leaving she was trying to get me all fired up for a women's prison study that will focus on sexual abuse. And I'm going to go for the BS (Bachelor of Science, and Bullshit!) :) and not the BA. She said there would be more research, which I really like the sound of. I love research. I'm wierd. and tired.



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