Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Boise Who?

BOISE STATE!!!!!!That's right! Oh, yeah! Big winners with a circus show to boot! Channel 7 news out of Boise talked about how 25,000 or so Idahoans made it to the game in person. Now that the game has been won by us, all of the Idahoans who didn't make it to Arizona, are dancing in the streets of Boise. The police have been called (were not sure who called them), and Gomer did finally show up to make sure Joe didn't fall off the curb and hurt his nose. Jr. is nowhere to be found right now, and Gomer is really hoping he isn't leaning over a porcelain idol. So that just about accounts for everyone. Except me.

I was one of the four Idahoans who had to watch it at home on tv (I swear I didn't place that call to Gomer). I don't watch college football, probably because I didn't get to go to college after high school. But I have to say, I had more fun watching that game than any other game I've ever seen. That includes the state championship high school game I saw a few years ago (I did get to go to high school). So, it turns out that Idaho is a real live place, with a real live college, that has a real live football team.

One might say that we can toss that old spud like no one's business. Heck, the old spud they hucked around at that game was just puny little thing. Our players hardly seemed at all affected by the hot.

Well, that was kind of fun.

Since this is new years and everything, I've decided to resolve to not going to work any more. And some day, I'll even tell you why.

But for now, night night.


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