Monday, January 15, 2007

Processing, Please Stand By

I’ve survived the first week of school. This is going to be so exciting. Just as soon as I recover from this complete exhaustion! I am all caught up on homework, for now. That should last until tomorrow.

I’m looking at the clock less and less these days. I do know it was A day today at the high school I once worked at, but I only noticed two distinct times today, lunch time and quit time.

I have so much anxiety about whether this continuing education will be as easy in the future as it has been thus far, but that anxiety is mild compared to that which I left behind at work. I have no regrets. No matter what happens from here, it won’t be as bad as it was.

The drive home Thursday, oh my gosh!, was so bad. About half way there was a blizzard white out. I finally had to get behind a big truck and just follow him at 40 mph until visibility improved. Of course, driving at an average 65 mph sure was good for gas mileage, but I think I won’t live quite as long now.

Tomorrow’s my birthday. Then I’ll have to go and adjust my blog profile stuff.

I think I had planned to make this a cool blog, but I’m tired. I have spent all of my neural energy on reading. My brain is processing. Please stand by.

If you are interested, I have written a little about my classes, just click the read more link. I will definitely be writing about them a lot in the future, I kind of hope it will help

I’ve decided that the Careers in Psychology class is a keeper. I really think it will help steer me in a direction, and with any luck (which seems to permeate through my life) it will steer me in the right direction.

I’m also taking a class called the sexual abuse of people. It is being taught by an ex-FBI agent. I hope it’s interesting. Apparently, if I show up every day and attend, I’ll get an A.

Then I have an abnormal psychology class that is being taught by this cute retired (mostly) professor. He is funny, though I think he tries a little to hard to be funny sometimes. I will undoubtedly have carpal tunnel syndrome by the time I’m finished taking notes in his class.

Then, there is my Intro to Statistics class. I bought the book and read the first chapter before class started. I even did the first assignment (more than was due) before class started. That assignment will be due tomorrow!

I got so freaked out the first day because the teacher had everyone talk about their math 108 experiences. Only about 3 of the 20 or so students who took the class had a good experience. Many had to take it more than once, one student took it four times before she passed. I had college algebra all those years ago and got a b. I thought it was pretty easy and even fun. I had to wonder what it is they teach in math 108 that I must not have learned.

Turns out, the computer program they use to teach it with might be the problem. I get along with computers pretty well, so I’m sure I would have been fine in math 108. Besides, learning statistics is gonna be kick-ass.

My cross country skiing and snowshoeing class got cancelled. That sucks.

That brings me to my social psychology class. We watched the Village the first class. I have a feeling that will be my favorite class. Social psychology is such a fun subject - full of grey areas and misty ideas. Just up my alley. (it will be a wonderful change of pace from the world of autism that I am so completely immersed in.)

And that is about all I can do right now. My brain is still on standby.


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