Friday, January 26, 2007

School, Homework, and the Pursuit of Decompressing

So, the first couple of school weeks were all about homework. So much so, that Zach decided HE needed a break from it! It was Saturday, and it sounded good to me, so we hit Pizza Hut and a movie, A Night at the Museum. The movie was so funny! It was a really enjoyable evening, and yes, I was a little frazzled by homework and classes, I thought. I spent the rest the weekend doing nothing but watching videos. Mistake?!?

Monday night was a nightmare. I was trying to get out of Idaho Falls so that I could be at my Pocatello class on time. There is this interchange there that really is screwed up! Even when the weather is good and the roads are dry, it confuses me. Well, the roads weren’t just wet, they were icy, and in the matter of about 10 minutes, I managed to nearly cause four separate accidents. Each mistake flustered me, and the more flustered I got, the more mistakes I made.

I was really, really happy to get to Pocatello. I took some deep breaths. I wasn’t even late, things were cool. I got out of the car, walked across the frozen lawn, and entered the old depressing building. “No Class Tonight! Psy 499 Cancelled!” The good new is that nobody died, and my car and I are in one piece. From now on, I take my sweet time getting there.

Tuesday was a wake up call. I hadn’t done all of my homework! I really don’t know how I got so confused, but I am definitely more on top of it now. Thursday (after being kept up until 3:00 a.m. by Zach), big Abnormal Psych test, I hope I at least got a b, although a definitely prefer vowels for grades. (don’t despair, bees are our friends! ;) ) I think I might have bombed the stats quiz. Then I nearly had a meltdown in Social Psych when we were discussing a newspaper article about child abuse. Any other day and I would have floated above it, but I nearly lost it. I made it through class and slept last night.

So today I am writing a blog entry. On my new laptop computer that came just today. I am testing this battery to see how long it will really last. I might need to buy another one (battery) so that I can get through two classes (from 8:00a to 12:15p). I have been running it since about 11:30 and it is 2:30 now. I’m down to 31%. It might work with just the one battery. I won’t need it through all of my stats class, just when she starts talking about minitab.

I love this though. I can sit wherever I want and do my homework! This is so cool. This has a wireless connection which I immediately became addicted to. I can’t believe how nice it is to get immediate gratification. And I am really looking forward to getting that instant word/concept look up when typing my psych notes right there in class! It is so hard to write notes by hand, pay attention to the lecture, then go home and type my notes so that I can read them. I spend a great deal of time just trying to make sense of them at all.

I called one of the girls I used to work with. I guess the first MRH was a fiasco. And not for any of the reasons I had predicted. You see, I figured the cash register would be the biggest problem. When I left, there was no printer tape, and it doesn’t like to work without printer tape. Then, the battery usually likes to die when it sits for a couple of weeks, and when the battery dies, someone has to reprogram the scan codes into it. But apparently, those things did not happen. What did happen was that, without my supervision, the separates parts worked separately, and people ended up waiting forever for drinks. I didn’t expect that. Hmmm. Guess I might have been even more important than I thought.

Ok, I’m just rambling. So for now I’ll go. With this new toy of mine, I might have more time and opportunity to write. I hope so.


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