Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just Another Manic/Depressive Monday

Betcha can't guess what we're studying in Abnormal Psych class!
There were no accidents in Idaho Falls caused by me tonight! Not even any close calls. I can't believe it's already been a week since that dreadful night! So I calmly and smoothly commuted to Pocatello, and got there even earlier than last week. I took the opportunity to try to take a picture of the building, my camera wasn't in the mood I guess. But this is what I see when I get there on Monday night.

My commute was worth it too, because, we had class tonight! I was so happy, that means that the class wasn't dumped by the teacher! Now I won't have to scramble for another class to keep my financial aid. I got to test my laptop too. I have to go tomorrow and find out how to get my computer set up for the wireless account at the school there. It better not be too hard, 'cause I'm not sure how strong this knot is at the end of my rope!

Unfortunately, my friend wasn't home, so I had to commute home for bed. Then I have to get up bright and early and head right back. Oh, well. The highs and the lows of life.

I still can't really figure out this wireless thing. I am getting a signal here at home that I am not paying for, so I expect the internet police will be summoning me soon. This weekend, I will find out if it is ok, or if I'm a law breaker. I keep looking for information on the net and all I can find is how to get equipment to make my computer do what it is already doing. I guess I just can't see how this can be free, when slow slow dial-up isn't.

Better go to bed now, I have class tomorrow!


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