Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One big test down, and....

I got the abnormal psych test back, and it was definitely a bomb. An A-bomb! I aced that baby! 95%! I don't mean to boast too much, but it is very reassuring. I think I have really been stressing out too much about this school thing, you know making it much harder than it is. I think I forgot that there is a huge difference between being a student who must learn a subject well enough to understand it and being a paraeducator who has to learn the subject well enough to teach it to someone who will have trouble understanding it. I also must keep in mind that I am competing with kids who do not have my level of life experience, and have not accumulated the quantity or quality of knowledge that I have accumulated over the span of two of their lifetimes. Is that fair? Of course it is! By the time they are my age, they will have accumulated twice the wealth than what I will ever see!

I have and Intro to Stats test this Thursday. I was prepared to come home and start memorizing formulas. Guess what, the teacher is letting us bring a cheat sheet of formulas for the test. I know this stuff, so I should pass it fairly easily. My studying will be in hopes of another Bomb!


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