Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Megan and I went for a walk yesterday along that canyon trail I wrote about a couple of days ago. Both of us were quite taken with this view of the Perrine Bridge. No one was jumping, I imagine it's a little too cold for that right now.

I've noticed that I really miss Megan a lot these days. She usually makes it by at least once a week, but sometimes it feels like years. She's decided not to date until she's 22, then she'll date, find the guy she wants to spend the rest of here life with, and be married by 24. That seems like a really time to fight off the advances of amorous males.

I can't figure out really why I feel so needy of her these days. I'm just really glad she is here in town and I can see her as often as I do. It keeps me grounded I guess.


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