Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Introducing: Megan

Megan was jealous that I have pictures of Zach on my blog but not her. I just want everyone to know that NO! You cannot have her phone number! NO! I will not set you up with her! And NO! You are NOT good enough for her! She is off limits to you. All of you alien hunting, sex with an older woman searching, happy one month anniversary googlers will not be allowed to know my daughter!


  1. Aw, c'mon... You know I'm all nice and safe and all that!

    Seriously, she is a cutie, even if I am too old for her. ;)

  2. Thanks, I am quite proud of her! Those comments were not directed specifically to you, Jim, yet, I would like to agree that you are too old for her. Well, I couldn't just be nice and say that even the great guy you are, a guy who is too good for the women he tends to chase, is gonna get my baby's number ;) Yes, I know you were j/k (just kidding - that's how Megan says it.