Thursday, February 15, 2007

February Showers Bring March Flowers?

I remembered to take my camera to school with me. Of course, the weather was in no mood to cooperate. The whole day has been dismal and gloomy. I took pictures of the classroom I spend most of my time in. It is a lecture room, and it really is at least as disgusting as it looks in the picture. I mean, yuk and cold. Even on the best of days it is not a comfortable, happy place to be.

We got our tests back. You remember the one, don’t you? The one I was really too tired to study for, too tired to take, and too tired to care. Well, I got an A anyway. I can’t tell you how disgusted I feel about that. If it isn’t any harder than that to pass, let alone get an A, then why doesn’t everyone have degrees? And what does it say about the people who have degrees.

I got an A just like 11 other people in the class. But most people got Cs and one person even failed! It was way easy for me to get an A, most people get Cs and these people go on to counsel people? Is that how Zach ended up on a-typical antipsychotic medications? His counselor is a C average student? That scares me. And it should.

I’ve decided statistics should be required for high school graduation. I said that to my statistics teacher and she agreed. She said she’s heard something like that might be coming soon. I hope so. That girl (you know the one, she flunked math 108 four times, then doesn’t do her homework?) said she thought it was kind of nice to let other people translate the scientific data for her. That way, she doesn’t have to expend the energy to think so hard for herself! She’s going to get that bachelors degree, folks. Shouldn’t college be hard enough to weed out the slackers? She’ll probably be president someday.

I tried to take pictures of pretty things on the way home, but since it was so cloudy and gloomy, they didn’t turn out so pretty. So, I’ll delete the ones I was so hoping to get, and post this one. This was my drive home. Yes, I was driving 78mph, yes, it was raining, yes I was glad to get home and take a nap. Now I have to go to class here in a few minutes

Maybe I’ll get a picture of that classroom so you can get a feel of what I had come to expect from a college people would want to attend. You know, clean, like somebody cares about it. The good new is, I like this class, I feel like I'm being challenged. People can say what they like, but the teachers I've had at this little community college expect a little more from their students. I hope to have a reason to think the teachers in Poky will make me believe they do as well. Only the future will tell.


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