Thursday, February 15, 2007

Am I Wrong?

I can tell you which classroom I'd rather spend my time in. That classroom at ISU (previous post) is gross. I would also like to you bear in mind, that ISU classroom picture was taken first think in the morning, I was the first person to enter the classroom. I turned on the lights. That is how that classroom looks all the time. And it isn't just that classroom. Except for the buildings by the psub, much of the campus looks just as unkempt and dilapidated.

This picture is of a CSI lecture room. This is how the classroom looks at 6:00 p.m. People have been filing in and out of this classroom all day, and it still looks good! And the entire campus looks this good!

This kind of upkeep comes from custodial employees who take great pride in their work. The high school I used to work at looked good like this because the custodial staff really cared about the school and the students who spent their days there. Those students will also take more pride in their school when the people who work there have pride, too. Even the majority of high school students cared a little. Sure, there were the pigs, but for the most part, the kids had pride in their school and wanted it to be nice.

How much of an effect do you suppose the difference in care has in the attitudes about the teaching that happens there. Which teacher would you take more seriously? Which teachers would take themselves more seriously? I think it makes a difference.


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