Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I've been googled so much, my sides hurt.

Oh, my! I really went and did it when I blogged about the unfortunate incident that took place last week. I have been googled about 100 times since then. I guess that would be one way to increase traffic on my site, but I’m not really looking for just traffic. It would be nice if the people who were here were here for me, but at least I know now that if I want to get one of my notorious opinions out there, this would be the way to do it.

I only wrote about the murder because I was so freaked out about it after watching videos about serial killers. This didn’t turn out to be one of those, but it could have if the person in question had walked further, much further, across the bridge. If he had gotten away with it, he probably would have escalated into a full fledged serial killer. For now, I think drugs were a huge factor. I would be surprised to learn otherwise.

I really have a lot of other things to write about. Like my B in intro to stats. It sucks. I am currently in a class where I am unable to show what I have learned by taking the test the teacher gives. I really don’t think I’m alone in this, but it goes that way sometimes.

I’ve been writing about my dreams in another blog, so I haven’t just NOT been writing, I just haven’t been writing here.

My ether friend found out that he has lymphoma in his lung. I am really sorry to hear that. He is such a nice guy, and he has yet to enjoy a lot of things he surely has coming. My guess is, that he is suffering this problem because of the incredible stress he has been going through. I love that he is finding so many people around him who are so willing and full of so much desire to help him. I don’t know how many people would converge upon me if I had found myself in his position.

I know he will be ok, however. He is a strong guy and has so many people praying for his return to health. Cancer sucks, and cancer treatment is sometimes worse than death, I understand. I hope he kicks this cancer’s butt, and in short order.

I did some gym climbing today. I really have lost everything. I was able to do some climbing, but it was much more difficult than I remember it being. I sweated up a storm for just two climbs. People kept telling me I have a really nice harness. It was a less expensive harness, just $45.00. It’s an ok harness, and one that I bought to wear until I get down to my real size!

Oh, and I have lost 15 pounds in the past two weeks. No one has noticed. I have, so I guess that’s all that matters. Once I lose the remaining 35 pounds, I’ll bet my climbing gets better. Tomorrow, I’m turning my hike into a run. That should help a little.

I am so tired. I am going to post this and pray that it isn't loaded with stupid typos.

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  1. If you really want to see Google go nuts, write a post about sex. Or, even just include sex in the title of a post. When my stats drop off too much, or I think Google is forgetting me, I'll title a post something like "Free Sex" or "Free Naked Pictures" and watch the stats crank back up.

    It's kind of sad, really.