Friday, March 16, 2007

CSI Twin Falls?

Nathan Jacobson was a possible suspect in the murder of Kim Ann Payton. They had interviewed him, and obtained warrants to search his vehicle and home, where they found blood. Today he is dead from an apparent suicide.

If he is, indeed, the killer, he took the coward’s way out. If this were an episode of Law and Order, or CSI, there would be more to it. I don’t know if there is. It is baffling how a young man could commit such a horrid crime, and then end his life so quietly. Perhaps his motive for the murder was obtuse and absurd. If he is the murderer, he died without telling anyone why had committed such a heinous act.

I don’t remember this kid at all. I don’t know if he attended Twin Falls school district or not. My kids don’t know him. His family had a home here, he committed suicide there, so I am sure we will be learning about this individual.

Ms. Payton is even more a mystery, it would seem. She had only been here about a month with her boyfriend, who was not a suspect in her murder. Twin Falls must be transforming into a big city. People used to know each other around here. (One argument against Twin Falls becoming a big city is the complete incompetence of our local news station. It used to be worth watching. Now, when we want the story as told by professionals, we turn the KTVB in Boise.)

I also have to wonder if Methamphetamines played a part in this. This drug problem is rampant here, and seems to be at the heart of nearly every violent death around here. What is this town coming to? What kind of a world do we live in?

I desperately cling to every ounce of good that I find in humanity. There is so little left.


  1. I am the boyfriend. I have the complete story of Kim's final days. We were not into methamphetamines, I was DISMISSED as a suspect because I had NOTHING to do with it. Allow my post on Kim's blog. I have it written and I feel it needs to be shared. Jeffrey Maffly, M.Ed.

  2. When I wrote about methamphetamine contributing to this crime, I was speaking of Nathan Jacobson. I still think it may have contributed to his horrid behavior. I am sorry if you felt this article was an indictment of you, Jeff, that was not my intention at all.