Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fear Not, for I Am With You

One of the biggest reasons I never moved away from Twin Falls was the fear of being murdered once I got to the big city. The beautiful woman they found nude below the bridge moved to Twin Falls from California. It’s ironic.
Her name was Kim Ann Payton and she was 37. They aren’t releasing very much information about her as of yet. They are grasping for any information that might lead them to the person responsible for this. I hope when they catch him, they string him up by his toenails.

I thought I’d be unique today with Zach and go out across the bridge and hike to a couple of the hidden lakes there. Of course, I thought the drive would be ok. It wasn’t. It was really hard on my poor car (which has earned a complete tune-up after it got us back today), and we got stuck. I mean, we got really stuck! I was freaked, but I stayed calm enough to get us out of it.

I didn’t get us out alone, either. This was another incident where a higher power undoubtedly had a hand in. There just happened to be two rocks exactly the right size, and an abandoned plastic car part the perfect size. I jacked the car so that I could get the rocks under the tire, and lined the plastic in the appropriate place and got out of there. It was mystically magic. There is a god.

There has to be! I can be as skeptical as the next person, but I don’t need science to explain what happened today. And things like this happen with regularity for me. I have nothing to fear. I know that my path is being blazed and manicured for me. I was going to give these guys a few more months, but I don’t think I need to now.

That’s not to say I have the answers, I don’t. As an ether-friend told me recently, “sometimes, the question itself is the answer” and how I do have questions. I never intend to stop asking the questions.

My ether-friend has been under the weather as of late, and waiting for answers to some of his questions. I hope he is doing well. I’m checking to see if my guardian angel can send a message to his. He has a lot of friends about him now, and that should get him through these nail biting days of waiting, and a little trust in knowing god will do what is best.

I’m getting angle kisses on my eyebrow.


  1. Wow, that was a good one! I have to start writing that stuff down!

    Seriously, I appreciate the extra good thoughts this week. Not sure when I'll hear about the biopsy, but if I don't hear something today, I'm at least going to call and find out when I should hear more.

  2. I don't envy you having to wait on results. Not knowing is the pits.

    I know you are going to be ok, though, because the world hasn't heard enough of your wisdom! You do need to write that stuff down. People would pay to read them! But I'm not going to pay you royalties for quoting you. I hope you understand.